Summer Games


Due to COVID-19 we have a limited number of sports this year. We will practice COVID-19 protocols, including hand sanitizing, wearing facemasks, limiting the number of spectators, controlling crowd size, and social distancing.

Individual Bocce, Track & Field, and Unified Flag Football.

We have something to offer for everyone during summer sports. The unique thing about summer sports is you can be in track and field as well as another sport. This gives you twice the fun.

Some of the summer sports do have limitations. You must be high school age through 29 years of age to participate in unified flag football and 30 years of age to compete in bocce.

We are uncertain about the competitions, but do know there will be some type of competitions and athletes still must attend practices regularly in order to be eligible to compete in any Area, District, and State Games that are held.


Start Dates (see practice schedule below)

  • Individual Bocce - TBD when dry enough. 

  • Track & Field - Sunday, April 11, 2021 at Discovery Middle School

  • Unified Flag Football - TBD - Please let us know if you are interested and we will forward your name to the State Office. 

Area Games

  • Individual Bocce - TBD

  • Track & Field - TBD

  • Unified Flag Football - TBD





Practice Schedule